About Us

Sphinx kidney center

(Sphinx Kidney Center & Misr International Hospital) is a top-quality facility for kidney care situated in downtown Cairo, Egypt.
We perform over 250 living-donor kidney transplants per year and have an active desensitization program for managing sensitized recients with DSA’s in collaboration with Grenoble CHU, France.
We also have a state-of-the-art hemodialysis and apheresis center providing out-patient and in-patient services with regular hemodialysis machines as well as hemodiafiltration and plasma exchange; our unit hosts the only immunoadsorption machine in Africa.
Our center is the only center in Africa and one of 2 in the middle east recognized by top pharmacological companies for training health professionals in the Immunology and Transplantation Centre. Our elite consultants provide online and in-person consultation via our clinics and we have several collaboration protocols with transplant and kidney centers in Africa and the Middle East.

Plasma Exchange & Apheresis

CME & Sharing Experience

Grenoble CHU, France