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Nephrology Integrated Clinics

Nephrology Integrated Clinics

Fear of Rejection: Difficulties and needs after kidney transplantation.

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  • Bachelor degree of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.
  • Head of Nephrology COE at Cleopatra Hospitals Group.
  • Bachelor degree of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.
  • Head of Nephrology COE at Cleopatra Hospitals Group.
  • Medical Director of HDx and Transplantation unit in Misr International Hospital since June 2016 till date.
  • Fellowship of clinical transplantation and desensitisation, Grenoble Hospital University, France.
    Master’s degree in Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.
  • Worked as resident of Internal Medicine and Nephrology in many hospitals: Internal Medicine Hospital,Cairo University, King Fahd Nephrology Unit, Cairo University ,Student’s Hospital Cairo University, Giza Renal Centre and Mahmoud Hospital.
  • He published many research medical papers like: ( The Impact of Adopting Routine Luminex-Based Pretransplant assessment of HLA Antibodies on Clinical practice and Outcome in kidney transplantation 2019) and several others.
  • He performed more than 1000 successful renal transplantations(preoperative preparation, Intraoperative and postoperative follow up) were done at different hospitals: King Fahd Nephrology, El-Ganzouri Hospital, Nile Badrawi Hospital, Life Kidney Centre hemodialysis Unit, Misr International Hospital.
    His experience in the field of Nephrology exceeds 3000 cases in renal transplantation and Desensitisation in more than 200 cases.

Dr Mahmoud Elalfy 

Sphinx kidney center (SKC)
Founder & CEO

Skc Grenoble Clinic

Meet The Expert

Professor Lionel Rostaing MD PhD
Head of Department of Nephrology, Hemodialysis, Apheresis, and Kidney Transplantation, Grenoble-Alpes University Hospital, FRANCE



24/7 hemodialysis center for acute Egyptian and foreigner cases in need of urgent hemodialysis
Also performs regular hemodialysis for chronic patients
In patient and intensive care dialysis settings are available

Low sodium diet

Many people think that avoiding the salt shaker and not adding salt to their food means that they are eating a low-sodium diet. This is not true. Not adding salt at the table or when cooking will help a little. But almost all of the sodium you eat is already in the food you buy at the grocery store or at restaurants.

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Kidney Biopsy

A kidney biopsy is a procedure that is used to obtain small pieces of kidney tissue to look at under a microscope. It may be done to determine the cause, severity, and possible treatment of a kidney disorder. The procedure is generally safe and can provide valuable information about your kidney disease.

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