Plasma Exchange & Apheresis Plasma Exchange & Apheresis


Plasma Exchange & Apheresis

  • This is the right place to learn transplantation and nephrology.
  • Our centre is one of 2 and one of only 13 worldwide centres accredited for training in transplantation by Novaris Pharma.
  • We have a monthly multidisciplinary academic nephrology meeting.
  • We perform annual meetings for training and exchange of experience at our centre for top transplant physicians from Africa and the Middle East.
  • We have a close cooperation programme for transplant training with Grenoble CHU, France.
  • Our centre is a partner with the International Transplantation Network.
  • We arrange an annual international collabiration meeting for exchange if experience with the top transplant centres in several cities in the world including Grenoble, Toulouse Barcelona, Zagreb, Berlin, Istanbul, Nairobi… etc
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